RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a type of computer data storage, which allows the data to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. That makes the RAM considerably faster than other types of storage devices including DVDs or HDDs in which all the info needs to be read in order to access specific info. If you have a shared hosting account, the exact amount of memory that your web programs can use may not be fixed and may sometimes depend upon the free memory which is available on the physical server. When using a standalone hosting server, however, there's always a minimum amount of physical memory that will be for your use at all times and won't be allotted to other clients even if it is not in use. This is valid with our virtual and dedicated web servers.
Guaranteed RAM in VPS Web Hosting
The physical memory that you will get with every virtual private server we offer is guaranteed and shall be available at all times even if you do not use the whole thing for a long period of time. Each VPS account features set system resources and runs in an isolated container apart from other accounts on the physical machine, so even if some account starts running out of memory, we shall not allot some of your memory to that account. Additionally we never distribute the whole physical memory on the hardware node among the virtual accounts set up on it, to ensure that it will not run out of memory. That way, there will always be free RAM if you wish to upgrade your package and we guarantee the flawless functioning of the physical machine.