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We are working with an ICANN–authorized domain name registrar and can offer you incredibly attractive domain name prices. You’ll be able to choose from a vast variety of domain names extensions, both generic and country–specific. With our simple–to–use Domain Name Manager tool, you can easily administer all your domain names from one location. You can edit your WHOIS records, specify custom DNS records, park an unlimited number of domains and much more.

Additionally, you can take advantage of our special offer – a free domain name with a Linux cloud website hosting packages plan, which applies to the most widespread gTLDs and ccTLDs.

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TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.com A$31.45 A$65.50 A$78.07 A$101.38 A$124.69 A$148.00 A$171.31 A$194.61 A$217.92 A$241.23
.net A$31.45 A$70.77 A$83.25 A$109.15 A$135.05 A$160.95 A$186.84 A$212.74 A$238.64 A$264.54
.org A$31.14 A$70.06 A$77.59 A$100.81 A$124.03 A$147.25 A$170.48 A$193.70 A$216.92 A$240.15
.info A$37.85 A$86.49 A$113.65 A$151.55 A$189.45 A$227.35 A$265.24 A$303.14 A$341.04 A$378.94
.co.uk A$31.14 A$56.05 A$51.86 A$62.22 A$72.58 A$82.94 A$93.30 A$103.66 A$114.02 A$124.38
.de A$36.18 - - - - - - - - -
.eu A$31.14 A$54.49 A$77.84 A$101.19 A$124.54 A$147.89 A$171.24 A$194.59 A$217.94 A$241.29
.me.uk A$31.14 A$56.05 A$51.86 A$62.22 A$72.58 A$82.94 A$93.30 A$103.66 A$114.02 A$124.38
.biz A$30.28 A$76.41 A$95.72 A$128.44 A$161.16 A$193.88 A$226.60 A$259.31 A$292.03 A$324.75
.cn A$39.58 A$79.24 A$118.90 A$158.56 A$198.22 A$237.88 A$277.54 A$317.20 A$356.86 A$396.52
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.com A$34.05 A$46.62 A$69.93 A$93.24 A$116.55 A$139.86 A$163.16 A$186.47 A$209.78 A$233.09
.net A$39.32 A$51.80 A$77.70 A$103.60 A$129.50 A$155.39 A$181.29 A$207.19 A$233.09 A$258.99
.org A$38.92 A$46.45 A$69.67 A$92.89 A$116.11 A$139.34 A$162.56 A$185.78 A$209.01 A$232.23
.info A$48.64 A$75.80 A$113.70 A$151.60 A$189.50 A$227.39 A$265.29 A$303.19 A$341.09 A$378.99
.co.uk A$24.91 A$20.72 A$31.08 A$41.44 A$51.80 A$62.16 A$72.52 A$82.88 A$93.24 A$103.60
.de A$36.41 - - - - - - - - -
.eu A$23.35 A$46.70 A$70.05 A$93.40 A$116.75 A$140.10 A$163.45 A$186.80 A$210.15 A$233.50
.com.mx A$140.13 A$280.26 A$420.39 A$560.52 A$700.65 - - - - -
.me.uk A$24.91 A$20.72 A$31.08 A$41.44 A$51.80 A$62.16 A$72.52 A$82.88 A$93.24 A$103.60
.ca A$51.66 A$103.32 A$154.98 A$206.64 A$258.30 A$309.96 A$361.62 A$413.28 A$464.94 A$516.60
.biz A$46.13 A$65.44 A$98.16 A$130.88 A$163.60 A$196.32 A$229.03 A$261.75 A$294.47 A$327.19
.tv A$87.42 A$174.84 A$262.26 A$349.68 A$437.10 A$524.52 A$611.94 A$699.36 A$786.78 A$874.20
.name A$35.99 A$71.98 A$107.97 A$143.96 A$179.95 A$215.94 A$251.93 A$287.92 A$323.91 A$359.90
.cn A$39.66 A$79.32 A$118.98 A$158.64 A$198.30 A$237.96 A$277.62 A$317.28 A$356.94 A$396.60

Entire Command over Your Domains with Ozzieblue

Simple Scalability

Promptly change your cloud hosting package

In case you’ve got a standalone domain with us, but you also desire to take advantage of our cloud hosting solutions, you will be able to do this at any moment with just a few simple mouse clicks. You will retain your Control Panel and will also be able to administer your domain names, web sites and billing transactions from one single location.

Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the bonuses associated with our cloud hosting packages, including a no–cost domain name registration option.

Simple Scalability

Domain Parking

Domain name parking done very easy

You’ll be able to park an active domain by pointing it to one of Ozzieblue’s two domain name parking templates – For Sale or Under Construction. The domain parking process is pretty easy and will go into effect immediately. You can park as many domain names as you like. And if you want to to un–park the domain – you can perform this task with merely a mouse click.

Moreover, you can customize our two domain name parking themes using custom images and messages in order to make them more personalized.

Domain Parking

Video Tutorials

In–built educational videos

If you want to see what you can accomplish with Ozzieblue’s web hosting Control Panel, check out Ozzieblue’s video tutorials. We’ve amassed an amazing selection of instructive videos that cover every section of our hosting Control Panel.

If you are unable to find an instructional video clip that can help you, we also have step–by–step walkthroughs as well as an exhaustive F.A.Q. library, both of which contain answers to the questions that our tech support staff gets asked the most. If you need real–time aid, you can always get in touch with our customer support team members – they are here for you 24x7.

Video Tutorials

SSL Certificates

Grab SSL certificates completely from your CP

An SSL certificate encodes the connection between your customers and your e–store and informs everybody that it is a dependable place to order from. You’d normally obtain an SSL certificate from a third–party vendor. However, at Ozzieblue, you can order one right through your Control Panel.

Just go to the SSL Certificates section and decide if you need a generic SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate. Then simply request an activation and we will accomplish everything else instead of you immediately.

SSL Certificates

Domain Name Redirection

Forward your web sites to any other host on the net

With our domain name forwarding tool, you can point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any web site that you want. This tool has an easy–to–work–with interface, which allows you to redirect the (sub)domain names that you want with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Thus, you won’t need to cope with sophisticated modifications to the .htaccess file.

To redirect a domain, just choose a preferred destination path and our smart tool will carry out the rest for you and will instantaneously forward the domain to the newly specified location.

Domain Name Redirection

One–Stop Domain Name Administration Option

Take care of all of your domains within one location

Our Domain Manager comes with a wide array of features for administering all your domains Through its intuitive interface, you can lock & unlock your domain, modify its DNS resource records and your WHOIS records, create an unlimited number of subdomain names or initiate a domain transfer procedure right away.

For your convenience, the Domain Manager is built into the web hosting Control Panel. From there, you can also hide your domain name registration information using the ID protection service and secure your web store with digital certificates.

One–Stop Domain Name Administration Option

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